CEP website upgrades

The transformed CEP website
The transformed Rural Inspire website

Communications Officer

The Country Education Partnership (CEP) is a preeminent NGO that advocates nationally for the needs of rural and remote education settings. The organisation reports directly to the Department of Education at both state and federal levels.

At the beginning of my employment with CEP I worked closely with the executive officer and web developer to reinvigorate the organisation’s core website so that it was modern, concise and user-focused. Once this project was complete we began an additional digital transformation of CEP’s sub brand Rural Inspire.

The two brands have very different target audiences so the two projects were distinct in their site requirements.


Working with a web developer and executive team, lead the transformation of CEP website to include migrated and new content.

Lead the transformation of Rural Inspire website to include new and migrated content.

Manage the ongoing operation of an effective Rural inspire and CEP website.

Lead the development of promotional material and pamphlets that promote the work of CEP, sub brands and related activities.

Manage the development of articles, video clips, and other communication strategies for relevant sub brands, especially in relation to the updating and ongoing operation of social media platforms.